originally recorded in 2011, and released on the album Fetishist 4 the Dickensian (2012), remixed in 2017.


THE RUNNING MAN (originally from Fetishist 4 the Dickensian, 2012)

I am the running man
running faster than I can.
It's getting kinda hectic.
No need to show off my hologram.
Too much for your attention span.
It's getting kinda hectic.
I'm running a 4.34 right here behind my face.
I'm running a 4.34 towards another state.
Assume I dance inside my lavish pentagram. . .


from Wet Dentist for the Future - Greatest Hits Vol​.​2, released July 15, 2017
backing vocals by Violet Payne




Wet Dentist Bethlehem

Wet Dentist makes electro-based music in Bethlehem, PA USA. Free downloads (or pay what you want) of over a decade's worth of discography. Not for the feint of heart.

Wet Dentist is now working on collaborations, and is also a member of The Das Kaput with Ivana Kaput (AKA Violet Payne).
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