originally released on the EP "These Are the Plutocrats" (2013), remixed 2017


SEIZE THEM (from These Are the Plutocrats, 2013)

Guards, seize them, for that what they've done.
I will pick apart their loved ones' lives,
but bring them to me first, unbroken and conscious.
You deploy some insect drones; you know where to send them.
Notify the senator. There's gonna be some corpses.
Get your education on.
And then I'm gonna buy another island . . .
because I love my wife.

CH: And you know Timbaland's gonna be playing at the gala.
So many helicopters gotta land nearby the stage somehow.
We will be armed to the teeth, and the landing pad's fortified.
No strays get away, they will be chased down by dogs.

Fetch me my Presidential Medal and a chalice full of beaujolais,
and get me my general because I demand an update.
I told my guards to seize them, unbroken and conscious.
Hack into the histories of their IP addresses,
insert some instances, tip a neighbor off,
because I want answers before I leave at five.
Because then I'm gonna buy another island . . .

CH: And you know Timbaland's gonna be playing at the gala.
And all who attend will surely keep their eyes on the servants.
You poor people all look the same to me; don't care what color you are.
You look like someone we're gonna arrest on TV.

We have the Senate, we have the banks,
an invading force of millions of Iraqis and Indonesians,
immaculately trained, twice as brutal and ten times as cheap.
So you tell my guards to seize them. I got places to be.
I'm thinking like Caligula right now.





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