They Will Invade Acoustic Maxi​-​Single

by Wet Dentist

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recorded, produced & performed by Wet Dentist


released January 4, 2015




Wet Dentist Bethlehem

Wet Dentist makes electro-based music in Bethlehem, PA USA. Free downloads (or pay what you want) of over a decade's worth of discography. Not for the feint of heart.

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Track Name: They Will Invade (Acoustic)
They Will Invade

They never speak around me like statues, but moving
Become flesh and blunt words
Once I'm done catching glimpse of them
Do they break their cover?

They will invade . . .
A lot of them are already here . . .

At gun clubs and chat rooms and sites on the dark web
They plan things; I know it
I'll lurk if I feel safe
Still reading terrible things
That should be from another country
With a terrible past
They say they only need 3%

They will invade
A lot of them are already here
And we just don't know who they are yet
Or some of us know someone maybe

They could be next door or across the street
Polishing their guns and feeling their notches
Or imagining what it'll feel like
To carve in their first of many notches

The enemy can be anywhere
Anywhere in a matter of hours

Without grenades, without grenades
And landmines in the front yard
And underneath the back deck:
A line of heads on spikes
It's insane to be unarmed, my darling
It's insane to be unarmed, my darling

Yet here we are unarmed . . .
Track Name: Chantix Pt3 (Acoustic)
Chantix Pt3

I quit Facebook just a year ago.
It felt too local.
It was a bad medium for me.
Had a couple breakdowns.
Friends made me paranoid.
Not even close to who I used to be
So why they wanna know me?

Oh hey, Pfizer
How do you feel?
How do you feel?
Oh hey, Pfizer
That's P-F-I-Z-E-R
Oh hey, Pfizer
How do you feel?

I am a recluse now, big time, but I didn't used to be.
I was a psych med guinea pig
6 years ago for 3 months or so
I was a psych med guinea pig.
Don't you know? Oh, they made billions
After they slapped a minute's worth of warnings
On its advertisements after it was too late for me.

The time has passed, and panic attacks
And outbursts at work are becoming only memories.
But I quit Facebook just a year ago.
I had a breakdown.
That would be my last breakdown there.

I burnt some bridges . . .
Track Name: Chantix Pt4 (Acoustic)
Chantix Pt4

I've burned some bridges, excellent bridges.
I've burned some bridges, like I brought back the pyro days.
They weren't built to understand, just for walking on.

Disassociated from when I used to lounge
By the shores and banks with a different inner-voice
Yelling across the river – across the river
Which was the volume of music
Or the chatter of family and friends.
The volume, the chatter . . .
Bridge over river.

At first, I didn't even realize it was happening
Like I was lighting matches in my dreams.
But I ate the chemicals.
I was eating the chemicals.
I was eating the chemicals
Prescribed by a bridge.

Chemicals prescribed by a bridge
I fucking burned while I sang my song
“351 Pieces of Egg Shell”
Turned out to be an endless supply
Of gasoline for burning bridges
Like I brought back the pyro days